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Turnkey new build, extension, alteration, renovation or redecorating projects without the day-to-day stress of dealing with and of the coordinating a multitude of different consultants, building inspectors, contractors, sub-contractors including the sourcing of materials.

VDK Building - Project Management - Design will assist you to realize your dream home from concept to reality within your budget. We will assess your requirements, confirm that it is possible to be realized within your budget and provide possible design solutions if not.

We will:

  1. Find a builder and sub-contractors for the project on your behalf.

  2. Manage the contractors and ensure that they build to acceptable standards.

  3. Source materials for the project and manage the supplier’s accounts on your behalf.

  4. Ensure that all quoted prices are reasonable and within industry norms.

  5. Liaise with architects, engineers, building inspectors and other consultants appointed by you.

  6. Coordinate the project between contractors, suppliers and consultants so as to ensure that the project is completed according to schedule and within budget.

  7. Quality Assurance by ensuring that the building is completed according to National Building Regulations and specifications provided by consultants to the project.

Construction Project Management, Architectural and Interior design SERVICES

for new or existing buildingS

Cell:        +27 82 4901498

Office:     +27 21 790 1257


Valley Road, HOUT BAY

Cape Town, South Africa